The buying process.

First let's get registered

We offer many different ways to register, either at one of our friendly town centre branches, on the telephone, send us an email or register online. This allows us to start searching for a property across all areas and offices providing you with every available property and we will then keep you informed until you have found a new home or tell us you have stopped your search.

See a mortgage adviser

Finding a mortgage that is right for you you can save a lot of unnecessary headaches especially when there is a turbulent financial market and borrowing is difficult. Our recommended mortgage advisor is completely independent and will consult with you on the various aspects of obtaining a mortgage. Hopefully you'll soon have a 'mortgage offer in principal' and you can really start house-hunting.

Book some viewings!

We’re here to help and will try to be as flexible as possible arranging viewing times to suit you. Try and view as soon as a property comes onto the market to avoid missing out. 

Making an offer

Once you have found a suitable property, put an offer in. By all means offer lower than the asking price but if you really love it and don't want to miss out, it is worth offering as much as you can. 

Offer agreed, congratulations! 

Once your offer is accepted we will confirm the terms in writing to all parties involved, and hopefully set up some target dates for exchange and completion. Now you will need to instruct a solicitor and arrange surveys. You'll also need to proceed with the mortgage offer. They may require a payment in advance so be ready.


Now it is time to process the legal work by your appointed solicitor or licensed conveyancer. We can assist you and recommend a professional, who we know personally and will work hard for you whilst giving us regular updates as your purchase progresses.

Contracts and searches

Once the title deeds are in the hands of your solicitors he/she will carry out necessary searches via the land registry and to ensure there are no problems with the legal aspects pertaining to the property. Once the solicitor has all replies and is satisfied they will report to you and you should be ready to exchange contracts, subject to having finance in place.

Surveying your property

The lender will usually require that the property be checked for any problems and valued by a qualified surveyor. You may require, for your own peace of mind , a full and detailed survey such as a Home Buyers Report or Home Condition Survey. Whatever you decision Archer & Co can help arrange this for you. We may receive a small referral fee from the surveyors for doing this.

Exchange of contracts

The contract will now be signed by the vendor and yourself and the relevant deposit paid. Remember, especially if you are on a deadline, solicitors will not exchange without cleared funds so you should allow at least thee days for deposit funds paid to them to clear into their bank account. Usually they will not accept cash payments due to money laundering laws. Once contracts are exchanged the contract is binding by law with completion around 2/4 weeks from date of exchange.


Congratulations! Collect the keys and enjoy your new home. Don't forget to let the utility companies know have your new address as well as your friends and family.

Countdown to move checklist

Knowing how easy it can be to overlook vital parts of the process, we have put together a countdown to move checklist. Click here to download the checklist.