Selling tips

Don't worry, we'll do all the hard work, but if you really want to wow the buyers get your apron out and make sure the tasty aroma of freshly baked bread wafts through the house as the viewers walk through the door. That’s one idea but possibly a bit over the top. Here are some helpful tips and advice that will hopefully help you sell your property without resorting to baking:

Be prepared for viewers

Cubs, Brownies and the home guard know it’s well worth ‘being prepared’. We know its stressful having people into your inner sanctum but remember as a great friend of the firm said some 20 years ago ‘He who never vieweth, never buyeth. I’m sure this is not a Shakespearean quote but they were certainly wise words.


First impressions really count. Imagine you are a potential purchaser and have a good look at your property as they will see it. Start by placing yourself in the street outside, or on your drive, and you will see the first image a would-be buyer will gain of your home.

Gardens are a real selling point so treat them more like as additional room. It is important to make a garden feel like a great space for relaxing, entertaining and safe for children and the family pets. So it’s time to get rid of rusting trampolines and old inflatable swimming pools. They take up a lot of space and are they adding to the feel of the garden? It’s also worth replacing any worn turf where the dog has been digging again. Also make sure if you have a pet that any mess is cleared up.

  • Keep your driveway clear and leave room for potential buyers to park.
  • Sweep paths, cut lawns, trim hedges, plant tubs or baskets in season.
  • Make sure any bins are tucked away.
  • Try and store any large garden toys like trampolines.


Nobody expects your home to look like a showhouse 24/7. However, spending time on presentation and tidying will generally create space and give the impression of a well maintained and cared for home.

Ask any buyer why they bought a particular property and they will give you many practical reasons such as style, location, price etc. However, never underestimate the power of emotion – ‘it just felt right’, ‘we loved it as soon as we first saw it’. Creating the right atmosphere and ambiance can be very important:

  • Try to de-clutter as much as possible. less is often more!
  • Pull back curtains, raise blinds and leave doors open to brighten a room.
  • Don't be afraid to turn on the lights if it is a dull day, especially lamps or ambient lighting.
  • Avoid cooking foods such as fish or curry before a viewing as the smell may linger.

Do those nagging odd jobs

Everyone loves a fresh coat of neutral paint that brightens and cleans up a room. Consider replacing that worn carpet or ripped vinyl. Replace those old kitchen and bathroom fittings and clean up grouted tiles giving an older room fresh appeal. Ensure you've replaced things like broken light bulbs as a light home really makes a difference.  Oil squeaky doors and stubborn stiff locks and give that spare room or garage space a once over as this is essential storage and may have extension potential. Peeling paint , damp stains and minor repairs are worth attending to as otherwise it suggests that major works needs to be done on the property.

  • Consider painting kitchen units and adding new handles
  • Ensure any redecoration is in neutral colours
  • Add colour to your home with soft furnishings or pictures that you can take with you.


If you have a cat or dog remember it’s their home as well and they may react badly to a stranger coming into it. Some people do not like dogs or pets so it’s well worth asking before viewings take place. Why not arrange for pets to be taken for a walk or looked after by others whilst the viewing takes place. Not everyone likes the smell wet dog so consider using air fresheners such as scented candles.

Get Trevor to put the for sale board up

Always ask to have a for sale board up, it’s all part of our service and will hopefully soon become a sold board. Our board man Trevor will visit you and ask, whenever possible, where you would like the board positioned.  He will then carefully erect one of our eye catching for sale boards.

Seasonal tips

In winter, have lights on during the day time. There is nothing worse than dark dull rooms when a viewing is taking place. Also don’t leave curtains drawn as natural light gives a clean, bright and fresh feel. It's also important to make sure windows are clean. If you have a working fireplace, light it. Also when putting the house on the market in January try to get the Christmas decorations stored neatly back in the loft.

Selling a vacant property?

Try to air properties as damp smells are a real put off. If you have power on at the property make use of plug in air fresheners. It may be a good idea to leave some smart furniture behind to give the property a lived in feeling.

After you've sold

Once the property sells the hard work starts. Very often, the longer it takes to reach an exchange of contracts, the higher the chance of the sale falling through or your buyer renegotiating the price.

With this in mind it is imperative that you have chosen a good solicitor. The cheapest is not always the best option and we are happy to advise you about who we can work well with and have open communication. They must be happy to contact you regularly giving you help and advice as we will do. You need to know where within the conveyance process your sale is and always ask how your buyer is acting.

We will always tell you honestly how the buyer is feeling and also tell you how motivated they are as these are signs that will help you to know if you are still on course to exchange or perhaps they are getting cold feet. We pride ourselves in honest communication with you and your solicitor as this is vital.

Unlike most estate agents solicitors will charge a fee if your home sale is successful or not.

No obligation free market appraisal

Above all else it is crucial to use an agent who knows and understands the market. Both Archer & Co and Parrys would be happy to help or give you completely independent advice on any property matters and would be pleased to visit your property to offer a market appraisal that is completely free and with no obligation.

If your property is not already on the market with us then we would love to meet you and help sell your home for the best price possible. So why not give your local office a call today to experience a refreshingly different approach?